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Welcome to the Chainmap BlockChain Knowledge Center

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Blockchain Architecture Course

While currently in the beginning stages of deploying this technology, understanding the available platforms, hosting, associated technologies, languages and security is paramount to the success of any POC or enterprise deployment. Corporate Executives, decision makers, stakeholders and developers seeking to align their efforts with the technology need to be aware of the various aspects related to this technology and development.

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GBA Specialist Certification Course

This credential is available to any member of the Government Blockchain Association (GBA) who has completed the five required courses and successfully passed the exam. Each day, the training is a mix of traditional course material delivery and hands-on service design workshops where attendees will break out into working sessions and apply the lessons taught. Attendees will design and develop solutions to real-world uses cases and projects. Project scenarios can come from attendees currentchallenges or a scenario can be provided as needed.

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Blockchain for Entreprise

The outcome of this course is to provide individuals with a general overview of bitcoin and the blockchain. Attendees will learn more about what bitcoin is, its history, how to use bitcoin: storing bitcoin in a wallet, buying and selling bitcoin on an online exchange, as well as sending and receiving bitcoin from one person to another without the need for a trusted third party.

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Blockchain for Lawyers

The legal industry is undergoing profound changes, as the digital revolution takes its course. New technologies and innovative business models challenge the established position legal professionals have retained for centuries as sophisticated, high-earning advisors to every significant business transaction. With the advent of smart contract technology, business transactions of all kinds will experience a significant evolutionary step towards automation.

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